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Scalp micro-pigmentation testimonial SMP – Toronto, Canada – Before and After – Watch Zar’s Heartfelt transformation from baldness





Be the First to Offer Scalp Micro-pigmentation in your area – SMP is Multi-million dollar HairLoss Industry. Start your own Business. Training in Toronto, Canada

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is exploding in the hair-loss industry. Treatment prices range from $3000-$6000 so there is amazing earnings potential. HeadPower in Canada trains, and certifies you. You will be Working on live models every day to gain experience and confidence. You keep your machine when you’re done the three day intensive course, and we give marketing advice and help with website design and SEO to help your business grow. This is the perfect opportunity so don’t wait till everyone is doing it. Become the first to offer SMP in your area.


Scalp Micro-pigmentation Training. Learn from the Best. Why it’s better to get Training from leading Canada SMP Clinic.

There are numerous providers of scalp micro-pigmentation training. As a prospective student, you need to take initiative to make sure that you’re choosing the right one. Some of the questions you should be asking yourself are as follows. Have I seen real life examples of their work, in videos or in person? Do they provide guarantees on their treatment? What are the reviews like? Do they have a track record of success, or are they putting out sub-par work? HeadPower Hair Clinic is the leading training facility for Scalp Micro-pigmentation. We offer one-on-one, or a classroom setting. While many students thrive better in one-on-one environments, as they are fully immersed into treatments from day one, some students perfer the social and collaborative aspect that a classroom provides. Either way, students will work on multiple live models each day they are in class so they will benefit from learning and working on a variety of different ethnicity and hair colors. We also provide you with your own SMP machine that you keep, included with your training. If you’re looking to make a career change then this is the right move. Call 1-888-977-6275 for more information.


What is SMP? Informational Video. Watch and Learn the Process. Explains how it Works, and Treatment options, in US, and Canada

This video will tell you about Scalp Micropigmentation. It will show entire process from start to finish. Ever wonder what a Hair Tattoo was, or interested in Scalp Micropigmentation? Well watch and learn here.


100% Realistic Toronto Scalp Tattoo Procedure Gain Confidence in 1 Day!

At HeadPower we do Scalp Micropigmentation, Period. We’re not a laser clinic, beauty spa, or medical spa. We’re the ONLY Clinic in Toronto that deals exclusively with Scalp Micro-pigmentation. Why is this important? Well its simple. A SMP company that needs to partner with a laser clinics or medical spa to survive, does not have strength or customer base to stand on their own. This means you can almost surely guarantee sub-par results, and unanswered phone calls once you try to report a problem with your treatment. Many make-up artists specializing in permanent eyebrows and other cosmetic services, have attempted to jump on the hair tattoo bandwagon in attempts to increase their bottom line. While this is all good for their cash flow, customers are left with sub-par treatment results and in some cases blue or green heads. Don’t trust a Hair Tattoo Clinic unless they are a stand alone facility, not propped up by other businesses, or part time owner/operators. Contact the Leaders in Scalp Micro-pigmentation – 1-888-977-6275


Custom SMP Machines and Personalized Scalp Micro-pigmentation Needles – Only the Best for You

HeadPower Hair Clinic specializes in putting an end to male pattern baldness. The way we do this is with our personalized and customized approach to your scalp micro-pigmentation treatment. It’s similar to a tattoo, but uses more specialized equipment, and a more advanced process. HeadPower makes their own specialized SMP machines and needles providing the ultimate in customization. We’re able to replicate your hair follicle exactly because we don’t use out of the box solutions that other providers use. When you come to HeadPower you’re treated as an individual by the best, with up-to date equipment and highly trained technicians.


Toronto Hair Tattoo – SMP LIVE PROCEDURE – Watch This

Live Scalp micro-pigmentation @HeadPower SMP Clinic in Toronto, Canada. Personalized and Customized Solutions for Baldness and Thinning Hair. Natural Results.