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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

The process of SMP involves analyzing a clients existing hair color, shape and growth pattern. A skilled technician will then use a tiny needle to embed matching ink into the scalp so that an entire head looks like it has an all around buzz cut. It won’t looks like he’s going bald anymore, instead it will seem as though you have chosen to wear your hair short.

What other names does Scalp Micropigmentation go by?

SMP is also known as a Scalp Tattoo, Hair Tattoo, 3D Scalp Micropigmentation, HD SMP, SMP, Tricopigmentation, hair replication and balding tattoo. Irregardless of the name, the treatment is the same and the proper application calls for a substantial degree of experience and skill.

How Can Scalp Micropigmentation Help Me?

Male Pattern Baldness can be to effectively treated with SMP, and clients who have undergone the procedure look like they have a buzz cut instead of how they looked when they were bald. View some of the results here:

Hair Thinning can easily be solved using HD SMP. It’s the best option for thinning hair on the planet. Matching color pigment is embedded into the scalp in the same pattern as your existing hair growth, focusing on the thinning areas. Similar to permanent eyebrows, the procedure will create the illusion of a thicker full head of hair.

Hair Transplant Scars can be camouflaged using Scalp micropigmentation. Experienced technicians will analyze your hair color, shape, and growth pattern then embed matching pigment into the scar so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your hair. Scars can be concealed in as little as 1 treatment.

What alternative treatments are there to Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP really is the best option for hair loss. It’s permanent, non-invasive and affordable. If done properly looks 100% real and once you’ve had the procedure done you will soon forget how it felt when you were bald. Some other alternatives to getting a hair tattoo fall into the following two categories:

Non-surgical – Wigs, Rogaine, Monoxidil and Low Level Laser therapy
Surgical – Hair Transplants, FUE.

What skin colors will benefit most from SMP?

Every ethnicity can benefit from scalp micropigmentation including: Caucasian, Asian, Latino, Black, and Indian. Baldness does not discriminate based on your race and neither does the SMP treatment. Some lesser experienced clinics might tell you that scalp micropigmentation looks better on black or darker skinned people, which is totally not the case. If done properly your SMP treatment should be 100% undetectable and stand up to even the closest scrutiny irregardless of your skin color.

What are the side effects of Scalp Micropigmentation?

In some cases, immediately after the treatment there may be redness or slight sensitivity to your scalp. This will dissipate within 24 hours and you can carry on with your normal daily activities. There is no downtime or long term side effects to worry about.

What are the differences between Scalp Micropigmentation and a Tattoo?

Tattoos turn blue, SMP if done properly will never change color
Tattoos are performed by using a shading technique. A true SMP artist will NEVER shade your head, instead tiny dots will be embedded into your scalp to match your existing hair buds.
Tattoo needles go deep into the dermal layers of your scalp. SMP if properly done will be inserted into the epidermal layers of your scalp creating a crisp and clear dot matching exactly with your hair follicle.
Tattoo equipment is more abrasive and less precise in addition, techniques and procedures are different than those of an experienced scalp micropigmentation practitioner.

The be all end all of it is, there is NEVER any reason to get an actual tattoo on your head. If you’re even considering it please first do yourself a favor and do a Google search for “bad hair tattoo”

How long does Scalp Micropigmentation Last?

SMP should last 10-20 years if cared for properly. Using the correct moisturizer and protecting your head from exposure to harsh elements will go a long way in preserving your results, and keeping your head looking fresh.

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

Although the pain threshold of each individual will vary, a local anaesthics is applied to the head prior to the SMP procedure in order to minimize any discomfort. Many patients who have had the treatment describe the sensation as getting multiple mosquito bites.

How Much does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost?

From as low as $500 to as high as $5,000! It’s a very wide range, and it depends on the level of hair loss and the amount of time it will take the technician to treat you. Most men with male pattern baldness will fall into the $2500 – $3500 range.

Who is the best clinic for Scalp Micropigmentation in Canada?

Although there are many choices to consider, HeadPower Hair Clinic in Toronto is consistently rated the best in service, quality and experience.

Who is the best clinic for Scalp Micropigmentation in United States?

Since the process of SMP can be completed in as little as 2 sessions and last a lifetime, it’s better to get the treatment done at place that is known for consistently turning out world class results. HeadPower constantly ranks highest in Scalp micropigmentation by industry peers and conveniently offer travel destination packages to Toronto for clients located in the United States and abroad.

Can you fix a bad Scalp Micropigmentation treatment from un-experienced clinic?

We are constantly contacted by clients who have had a bad treatment from a tattoo parlour, or an inexperienced provider. In most cases we can fix the bad treatment so that it looks almost perfect. In ot her cases getting the treatment lasered off may be the best option before starting again fresh.

How can I get Trained and learn Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP Training is offered by HeadPower Hair Clinic. They provide a classroom training environment or convenient one-on-one training allowing students to learn the art and science of Scalp micropigmentation to either become an entrepreneur and start their own business, or to work for an established SMP clinic.

Can I start my own Scalp Micro-pigmentaton Clinic?

Yes you can. After successfully completing the HeadPower SMP Training program you will have the certification and confidence necessary to begin taking on clients from day one.

How can I contact a Scalp Micropigmentation expert?

You can call HeadPower Hair Clinic: 1-888-977-6275. We’re available now to answer any questions and to help you book your free consultation.

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