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Whats your excuse for being bald? There are none anymore.

Whats your excuse for being bald?

Maybe you’re telling yourself that you’re OK with it. Or you’re saying that you like the look. Or you have just gotten used to being bald and thrown in the towel? Whatever the reason, there’s no excuse for being bald anymore. Even if you like the shaved look, still no reason for your scalp to be shining in daylight when your in the line or at work. There’s also no reason for you to be walking around without a defining hairline that frames your face enhancing your features. If you had the buzzed look, people who see you will think that you’ve decided to keep your hair low by choice, not that you’re going bald.

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Going Bald with Dignity? Why would I do that when I could just get SMP.

I recently read an article where the author suggested that going bald with dignity was the best solution for men faced with going bald? Thats a load of crap.

Its the same as telling a fat guy that being fat with dignity is the best solution to their weight problem. The fact is, we need to do all we can to ensure that we’re presenting ourselves in the most attractive, and confident manner. Getting SMP shows that you care about your appearance and desire the most that life has to offer, so don’t sell yourself short or make excuses about why you’re ok with the fact that you’re fine with it.  If you are truly honest with yourself, you’ll realize that your balding insecurities have been holding you back from acheiving your full potential. Hair Tattoo, or SMP is a realistic replication of hair follicles that look 100% natural. HeadPower Hair Clinic is the leading provider of SMP in Toronto, and the GTA, and is the only clinic to offer customized and personalized scalp micropigmentation. Call for a free consultation, or demonstration – 1-888-977-6275


Does SMP Hurt, and Will I cry like a Bit$%?

While everyone’s pain threshold is different, most men describe the SMP procedure as just plain annoying. For the first 30 minutes or so it can be annoying, but after that its a breeze! Some providers use anesthetics to numb the areas and reduce pain, however flip side to that is that fluids may build up in the pores,  swell the hair follicles,  thus increasing the size of the pigment dots implanted. We have our unique solution to this issue, which offers the best of both worlds, however don’t expect the same from every SMP clinic, as not all providers are equally as knowledgeable, and the proof is in the pudding when botched clients come to HeadPower Hair Clinic in Toronto to get their head fixed. Walking around with dots the size of marbles on your head is all but appealing so choose your clinic wisely, and NEVER go to  tattoo parlor for the procedure. At Toronto’s leading micropigmentation clinic we strive for the best results every time. Perfect SMP should never be hit or miss, so contact HeadPower  for a free consultation – 1-888-977-6275 – and if you do happen to cry like a bit#$, or should I say “Mitch”, then we’ll always be here to hold your hand!


How to Shave with Scalp-micropigmentation – Shaving with SMP

The Best Shaving routine after SMP, which is also known as a Medical Hairline Tattoo and a Hair Tattoo. I prefer an Andis liner and Fader combination to get the best results.
HeadPower Hair Clinic in Toronto performs customized and personalized Scalp micro-pigmentation to get you perfect natural looking results

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The Best SMP in Toronto – Scalp Micropigmentation by the Best in Toronto GTA

So you’ve been researching scalp micropigmentation, seen some cool before and after pictures and maybe even watched a few videos, and you’re wondering where you should get your SMP treatment from. In Toronto, there are a few providers of SMP such as HeadPower Hair Clinic, Quick Hair, Scalp aesthetica, HIS Hair. Each provides their own level of service and quality, and all have very convincing before and after pictures of satisfied clients.  HeadPower Hair Clinic stands out from the crowd because of the intense dedication, and training of their technicians and the quality of their equipment and pigments. they are Rated number 1 in Toronto. Getting SMP at HeadPower means that you’re getting top notch quality, service, and products at all times. They spare no expenses in making your visit as safe, comfortable and rewarding as possible.  They have an unmatched guarantee on their service so you can be assured you are getting the best each and every time. Even though Headpower is a little ways out of the city, its worth making the trip down if you’re serious about doing something to combat your baldness.

Being Bald Sucks. Don’t Delude yourself into thinking that you’re ok with it, cause your not. Get SMP from Headpower and regain your confidence in as little as one day!

Alot of times I go up to guys who I think would benefit from SMP when i’m around Toronto, and Hamilton. Today I was at Esso station pumping liquid dough, and I noticed a man who was in severe need of scalp micropigmentation. I went up to him and handed him a card to HeadPower Hair Clinic, and he immediately got defensive. “God made me this way and i’m ok with it”… Yeah right buddy I thought, everyday you shave your head and look in the mirror at the shiny crown and frontal areas that you barely have to touch because it never grows anything. Don’t be delusional, you do care, you’ve just given up hope! “There’s always room for improvement, I said, its a simple process similar to a tattoo, look at mine, I had it done”. He seemed to agree as he put the card in his pocket. If he’s smart, he’ll give us a call ASAP to fix his balding problem.

Point is guys, don’t try and pretend to yourself that it doesn’t matter, or that your ok with it, because you are not. In as little as 2 x three hour sessions, you can gain your confidence and your hairline back. Don’t wait. Get SMP from HeadPower Hair Clinic, the leaders in scalp micro pigmentation.

Toronto Hair Tattoo is best solution for baldness – get SMP in Toronto by the best – Headpower Hair Clinic

If you’ve been waiting to a better solution to your baldness, its finally here!

Scalp micro-pigmentation is similar to a hair tattoo but with more advanced equipment and pigments. Headpower Hair clinic is the leader in Toronto and the GTA area. Our facility is licenced and inspected and you can be sure that your getting top quality service and results. It’s super easy to get the procedure done, give us  call to schedule a free no-obligation consultation, and we’ll provide the best options for you that are going to restore your confidence.

AVOID THESE SMP Clinics for Head Tattoo, or Hairline Tattoo Treatment like the Plague.

Scalp micropigmentation is a very renowned technique available these days for hair loss treatment. People are also undergoing this treatment because they consider it to be an effective treatment and are happy with its end results. Seeing the treatment be so popular and also in demand there are many individuals who are opening up clinics for people to avail this treatment.

However, people often lose their nerves when they realize that they are losing their hair. It is these people that clinics take advantage of. So, it is important for you to calm your nerves and be responsible to choose the right clinic for an effective scalp micropigmentation treatment. Thus, to find a reputed clinic for this treatment it is important for you to do a bit of research work.

These days’ people are very much blessed as they do not have to put in much effort to find answers to their questions as the Internet is available. Yes, when you are determined about undergoing this treatment start with researching about various clinics available in town on the Internet.

So, why you should avoid non-reliable clinics for scalp micropigmentation? Here is a detailed list of them.

Avoid clinics that have got a small cliental base

A reputed scalp micropigmentation clinic will have a broad cliental base in comparison to clinics that are less reputed. Thus, when you visit a clinic as a part of your research work makes sure that you see their cliental base on whom they have tried the treatment. Avoid taking up treatments from clinics that have got a small cliental list. This may be because they are not efficient in their work.

Avoid clinics that are new in this business

It is important that you avoid clinics that are new in this business or have recently opened up their clinic. The reason for you to avoid is that the practitioners of these clinics will certainly not be a perfectionist in such a procedure. So, for you to get the desired result it is important that you visit a reputed clinic that has been in this business for a longer timeframe.

Avoid going to clinics that provide combo deal

It is important to know that scalp micropigmentation is a stand-alone procedure and it certainly does not require any extra treatment or surgery along with it. So, when you visit a clinic that is trying to convince you about taking up combo deals along with scalp micropigmentation do not depend on them. This they do in order to earn some extra money.

Avoid taking the service of traveling SMP providers

You will come across many traveling SMP providers that try to impress you by giving the service as per your suitable location. Well, it is important to know that the equipment that are used for scalp micropigmentation are not at all portable. So, do not bank on these travelling scalp micropigmentation practitioners.

Precaution is better than cure! So, it is always wise to do all the necessary research before taking up a final decision about choosing a reliable clinic.

HeadPower Hair Clinic are the leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington , and Hamilton area. Our unique SMP treatment replicates the appearance hair follicles so your entire head will look like it has hair stubble on it. Contact us for a free consultation we’ll tell you the best solution for your baldness or thinning hair.

How SMP Can Make You Look Younger in One Day

Does anyone of you like to look older than your age? Well, certainly not! Everyone wants to look young and stylish. Being bald can lower your self-esteem and your self-confidence level. It will prevent you from socializing with your friends and colleagues and most importantly it will lead you to depression. Thus, it is always important that you take care of your hair. However, hair loss, hair thinning can be either hereditary or even because of wrong food habits. People who face hair loss because of hereditary reasons there is nothing you can do. But for others it is important that you have healthy food or diet.

However, sometimes it is too late to do anything, but it really does not mean that you will lose your charm and your youth. This is the reason why scientists and doctors have some up with effective treatments for fighting hair loss and also give you back your younger look. One of the best treatments to depend on for your younger look is scalp micro pigmentation.

Yes, scalp micropigmentation or SMP is the most advanced kind of treatment that will give the look of well-cropped hair and a subtle and sober look. Well, you would surely like to know how the treatment is done. Here, is a glimpse of that.

Through scalp micropigmentation, it is basically pigments that are implanted or injected into the dermis layer of the scalp. These pigments basically give the look of stubble or well-cropped hair. The appearance is so nature that people really cannot make out that you have gone for a treatment, instead people think that you have just got a new hairstyle done and it will definitely make you look younger.

It is important to know that in the process of scalp micropigmentation the pigments do not penetrate the skin like what happens in regular tattooing. As the pigments can be availed in various shades it is possible to get the real color of your hair and also it will match your complexion. Thus, there is no chance that people will ever understand what have you actually done whether micropigmentation or just cut your hair short.

Apart from that the pigments that are used in scalp micropigmentation does not lose its natural color, so there is no chance that the pigments will fade with time. But, you will have to make sure that you regular shave your scalp so to get the real look of scalp micropigmentation.

One of the greatest benefits of doing scalp micropigmentation is that the process needs to be done once and not on a regular basis. Thus, you can be rest assured that undergoing scalp micropigmentation once can be beneficial for the lifetime.

The process is simple and it really does not hurt a bit while conducting the procedure as local anesthesia is used. You will not have to take up any medication after the procedure like any other treatments. The recovery time for this treatment is between 2 to 4 days after which you can start your normal routine. Thus, if you really want to look young and stylish then you must bank on scalp micropigmentation.

HeadPower Hair Clinic are the leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington , and Hamilton area. Our unique SMP treatment replicates the appearance hair follicles so your entire head will look like it has hair stubble on it. Contact us for a free consultation we’ll tell you the best solution for your baldness or thinning hair.

Why Scalp Micropigmentation Is a Good Option for Some Patients Who Have Undergone Chemotherapy

Cancer is one disease that has got no permanent solution. There are millions of people who are dying because of cancer. There are basically two prime reasons for it. First, the cost for treating cancer is very high. It is certainly not possible for the middle income group and lower income group to manage such cost. Second, as there are temporary treatments for cancer sometimes the treatment is also not effective enough to save a life.

However, there is one treatment that is being widely used for the temporary healing of cancer. It is commonly known as chemotherapy. This therapy has managed to save many lives if the cancer was detected in the initial stage. On the other hand, chemotherapy has also managed to provide many individuals with the gift to live longer than they had expected but certainly could not guarantee a cancer-free life.

Cancer patients who take up chemotherapy will also have to go through various painstaking side-effects. One of the most visible side-effects of chemotherapy is losing all the hair in your body and that includes even the hair on the scalp. Every human being on this planet always wishes to look good and have a pleasant appearance.

When it’s about looks even the hair on the scalp play a vital role. What about the people who are victims of cancer? Don’t they want to look good? But does it mean that they have to look good without their scalp hair? Well, certainly not! These days there are various types of treatments that are available where you can enjoy a beautiful looking hair style. And, this has been made possible only through scalp micropigmentation treatment.

The process of hair re-growth may differ from person to person depending on the type of chemotherapy the person has gone through. However, for people who have undergone chemotherapy and do not require any further treatments their hair basically tends to grow after a time span of 2 to 3 weeks. The normal growth of the hair begins after a month or so.

After the completion of the chemotherapy, the hair growth that you will have will be similar to the normal hair growth that you had before. At times, it could even differ. By differ it generally means that the new hair will be thicker, curlier or straighter and definitely better in terms of texture. Sometimes the color of your hair may differ because of the chemotherapy.

There have been instances where cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy do not have hair re-growth. This is mainly because the hair follicles get burnt out due to the treatment. For people who are facing this problem, you do not need to be disheartened, as you can certainly go for scalp micropigmentation. The procedure of scalp micropigmentation is very simple. The technicians or practitioners will inject ink pigments into the skin of the scalp where the pigments are going to settle on the substrate.

The concentration of the pigment will be in accordance of your skin complexion. This treatment will help to give a more realistic look to your scalp where it will be very hard for people to notice the hair loss you had for chemotherapy. Instead, people will be of the notion that you have simply brought about a change in your look. This treatment can even be considered even for your eyebrows.

HeadPower Hair Clinic are the leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington , and Hamilton area. Our unique SMP treatment replicates the appearance hair follicles so your entire head will look like it has hair stubble on it. Contact us for a free consultation we’ll tell you the best solution for your baldness or thinning hair.