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Hair Tattoo Training and Scalp Micropigmentation Training @ HeadPower

Learning the art and science of Scalp Micropigmentation @ HeadPower Hair Clinic. The Toronto based SMP Training program teaches students how to perform a Hair Tattoo with precision, skill and confidence.  The technician Somphone is on his second day training, and already picking up skills and gaining confididence.



Scalp Micropigmentation Training Session in Progress. HeadPower Trainees Learn Every Aspect of the Procedure and Business

HeadPower Hair Clinic Trainees Lisa and Deler perform a full scalp micropigmentation treatment on their third day of intensive training.  Live one-on-one hands on training is the only way to confidently learn the procedure.  Look how quickly these rock stars have picked up the procedure. They are almost ready to begin working on their own as Certified Scalp Micropigmentation professionals.  Interested in getting trained as a Scalp Micropigmentation Artist?

Contact HeadPower to reserve your space today -1-888-977-6275


Working out with Scalp Micropigmentation. Is it safe to Pump Iron after getting SMP?

A guy who thinks highly of himself takes care of himself, and will generally be consistent across the board. This means that if a man is discerning enough to get a high quality hair tattoo he is just as likely to keep himself in shape, exercising at least  a few times  per week.  Is this just a generalization? Not really. Decisions pertaining to ones one physical well being are generally streamlined and today’s modern man is also a fashion conscious one. Many men wonder if getting SMP will mean that they can’t exercise, or will have to modify their existing routine. The answer is yes, and no. Working out immediately after scalp micro-pigmentation is not recommended. You should wait 1 to 2 weeks before resuming intense training with the rationale being that the pigments are settling in your pores, and intense sweating could degrade the end results.  After the recommended period of time, you have Carte Blanche and you can make up for the week or two of downtime with a devilish fury. Always remember to choose the right clinic for your scalp micropigmentation treatment. HeadPower is Toronto, Canada’s  Leading Provider of SMP and offers free consultations. Call to book yours now:  1-888-977-6275


Does SMP Hurt, and Will I cry like a Bit$%?

While everyone’s pain threshold is different, most men describe the SMP procedure as just plain annoying. For the first 30 minutes or so it can be annoying, but after that its a breeze! Some providers use anesthetics to numb the areas and reduce pain, however flip side to that is that fluids may build up in the pores,  swell the hair follicles,  thus increasing the size of the pigment dots implanted. We have our unique solution to this issue, which offers the best of both worlds, however don’t expect the same from every SMP clinic, as not all providers are equally as knowledgeable, and the proof is in the pudding when botched clients come to HeadPower Hair Clinic in Toronto to get their head fixed. Walking around with dots the size of marbles on your head is all but appealing so choose your clinic wisely, and NEVER go to  tattoo parlor for the procedure. At Toronto’s leading micropigmentation clinic we strive for the best results every time. Perfect SMP should never be hit or miss, so contact HeadPower  for a free consultation – 1-888-977-6275 – and if you do happen to cry like a bit#$, or should I say “Mitch”, then we’ll always be here to hold your hand!


Would you rather get a Hair Tattoo, that looks 100% Realistic or Walk around with a Bald Head?

Most bald guys forget what if feels like when someone looks at them at eye level for a significant amount of time, without glancing upwards at their shiny bald head that’s made most apparent because there is no defining hairline.

The fact is,  a hairline is a mans way of commanding attention. Eyes will not drift from yours to your head once your new hairline is in place.  People look for weaknesses in individuals, and baldness is a glaringly obvious one.  With a new hairline you’ll be able to hold a captive audience and eyes will be locked on yours, not your head.

HeadPower Hair Clinic’s custom Scalp Micropigmentation is the best solution for baldness period.

There’s no reason to walk around bald anymore, visit HeadPower Hair Clinic in Toronto for a Free consultation – 1-888-977-6275


Real SMP up Close, no Photoshop – no Makeup or Special Effects

Ever wonder what SMP looks like up close? You’ve seen the pictures online, even watched some videos, but ever wonder what Scalp Micropigmentation really looks like?  Watch the video, and see how a Medical hair tattoo can be the best solution for your balding. HeadPower Hair Clinic is conveniently located in the Toronto, Canada.


Hair Transplant Horror Stories. Avoid the BS, and just get SMP

Many men who are losing hair think that a hair transplant is the best option. Meet with a doctor, harvest some donor hair, make a couple of slits in the scalp, insert hair, and voila! Wrong. Most men who undertake a hair transplant operation require a three or four part transplant in order for it to be a success, and even this is not a guarantee because the hair-loss hormone that is embedded in your DNA could kick back into gear at any moment. Your short-term hair gains could begin to collapse at any moment. The bottom line is, your hair is genetically programmed to fall out on certain areas of your scalp, and implanting new hair and thinking that you’ve hit the jackpot is incorrect. SMP represents a safer, non-invasive means to achieve the look of a full head of hair. You don’t have to worry about your hair falling out, because the process is permanent and results last for over 10 years. While Scalp micro-pigmentation may not be the solution for everyone, for the majority of men it represents a welcome freedom from the shackles of baldness. Contact the best Scalp micro-pigmentation provider in Toronto, Canada today. HeadPower Hair Clinic 1-888-977-6275


Scalp Micro-pigmentation Available in in Toronto, and in over 100 other Cities in Ontario

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is fast,  pain-free way to eliminate baldness. It’s similar to a head tattoo, but its much more advanced, and it uses specialized equipment as well as a trained and certified technician. HeadPower Hair Clinic has locations all across Ontario to serve you from.  If you’re looking for SMP in one of these Canadian cities, you’re in luck because we can help.  Call for a free consultation  – 1-888-977-6275

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It’s time to nut-up and Get a Hair Tattoo.

You’ve watched some videos, read some amazing reviews, and are now waiting for that perfect time to get your SMP done on yourself. Well, I’ve news for you. The time is Now. Why is it now you ask? Because You’re already bald bro, what else are you waiting for? Other than penile shrinkage, being bald is pretty much the most devastating thing that can happen to a man. Truth of the matter is, I bet there are hundreds of men out there who would give up their rock solids, for a new hairline! Hair-loss is such an emotional subject that it hits hard, and it hits low. Muster the courage and move in a positive direction because positive actions are contagious.  Your New hairline might land you a new job, get you a date, or even get you laid. Nothing comes from nothing, and since you’ve got nothing on top anymore, you’ve got nothing to lose.
Once you’ve slain the demons of indecisiveness, and are ready to let us recreate your hairline, we will be here to help. Contact The leaders of Scalp Micro-pigmentation in Toronto at 1-888-977-6275

STOP. Don’t do SMP – Unless You have Seen Their Results with your own eyes

Many times people are fooled into believing that they are dealing with a reputable clinic based on the before and after photos, as well as the sales pitch of the individual trying to sell you the treatment. Don’t fall for it. Especially if the individul performing the procedure has not had it done on themself, or they don’t have a live model to show you during your consultation for you to review and critique.  At HeadPower Hair Clinic, Toronto’s leading provider of Scalp Micropigmentation, all of our technicians are certified, and have had the procedure done on themselves. We do not hire technicians who do not believe in the service enough to do it themselves.  When you come to HeadPower for your free SMP consultation, you can be sure that the technician assisiting you will have done the procedure himself. Look closely at it, examine it, touch it, hell even smell it if your so inclined! The point is, we are more than pictures, we’re so confident about our customized and personalized Scalp micro-pigmentation service that we’ve all had it done ourselves.  Now that’s peace of mind!