SMP Training Program

This is what Sexy SMP New Hairline Looks like. – Toronto Hair Tattoo for Balding Men

It all starts with the hairline. The first step to a Sexy SMP treatment is to create a realistic hairline that will work with you through the ages.  Some like the hard line, while others prefer a natural  or receding look. At HeadPower Hair Clinic we allow you to take your time to choose the hairline thats right for you.  Some clients know right away the look they are going for, while some prefer to see different examples on the fly. Some SMP providers may use a plastic ruler to indent your head in order to make it easier for them to draw out your hairline. The problem with this is that it is not customized or personalized and never looks natural. At HeadPower Hair Clinic, our technicians are experts and will freehand your hairline with the precision of a surgeon, utilizing hundreds of hours of training and on the job work experience.  Don’t wait!

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