If I Want To Get Scalp micro-pigmentation, do I have to shave my entire Head?

The answer to this question, is that it depends. What does it depend on you ask, well a variety of factors like, how much hair loss are you currently experiencing, what style are you planning to wear your hair, and are you the right candidate for the treatment.


If your hair loss is excessive, then its almost always better shave it lower as the SMP results will look more natural. If there is still some actual hair growth in the affected areas, we may be able to apply our density treatment to create the illusion of a full head of hair. Alternatively, like the client in the photo, you may just be receeding in the sides, in which case SMP is almost always the best option to restore your hairline.
What style do you like to wear your hair in? The client in the photo will be styling his hair in a mohawk style, so once the sides have had the SMP treatment his hair will look 100% natural with no signs of any receding.

This particular client was exceptionally pleased with his results. He is of East-Indian desent, and has wearing a turban since his early college years. It’s no secret that men have been using a variety of hats, and hairpieces to hide or disguise their balding, Jewish men, Muslim men, and East-indian men are all required to wear religious head coverings that conveniently also serve hide as concealers. Some of these dressings also place excessive strain on hair roots, or have some other unintended way of speeding up the balding process.

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