Are You Tired of Looking Like Friar Tuck, and Ready to Look like a Million bucks?

I had a close friend of mine recently concede to his baldness. “Yeah I know he said, I’ve got that Friar Tuck look going on.” Not cool bro, i’m a heterosexual married man and i’ll be the first to tell you that your head looks like crap! You’ve got balding middle aged man stamped all over your forehead. Definately not attractive if you’re looking at getting involved with the opposite sex, or trying to hold on to the women you’ve got right now. The fact is, you need to have confidence, hell its good enough to fake it and just project it if you  have to, but it’s sure as shit pretty hard to fake it when the obvious is glaring at you in the face. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a well deserved personal gift. You work hard to keep those around you happy, and you’re always putting yourself last. Scalp Micro-pigmentation is the ultimate gift a balding man can give to himself.

Taking the first step signals that you are ready to embark on a new journey. A journey of discovery.

HeadPower is the most reputable SMP provider in Toronto. Their SMP process involves replicating a hair follicle so your entire head looks as if it’s got stubble on it. No more bald spots, and it looks 100% natural. Consultations are always free so just get in touch when you’re ready. 1-888-977-6275

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