Get a Hair Tattoo and you Don’t Have to Shave your Head. Scalp micro-pigmentation 100% Realistic with hair

Many men come to HeadPower  looking for a solution to hair loss on a particular area of their head. Most of the time, its thinning in the crown or center areas that garner the most attention. These are the areas that you see when you are looking at your reflection in a mirror, or when you’re in the supermarket and those glaring lights are shining over your head broadcasting your problem for the entire world to know.  The good news is that you can take advantage of our customized and personalized Scalp Micro-pigmentation treatment, and still hold on to your precious locks!

HeadPower Hair Clinic SMP Density treatment blends the balding areas with the rest of your hair, so your entire head looks full again.  Get your sexy and your hair back, contact HeadPower Hair Clinic today!

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