How far a distance would you travel to get your hair back. SMP is KEY!

If you would have asked me this question 2 years ago, I would have said f-it, just send me back in time, or kalamazoo as long as I don’t have to be bald anymore. Seriously guys, before I heard about, and got the treatment done on myself I ran out of hope, as well as options.

Nowadays, you only have to travel a few hours by car, or plane to acheive life changing results. At HeadPower SMP clinic, patients come for treatment from all walks of life and from all over the globe. Just because we’re based in Toronto, does not limit our services to individuals in those areas. Randy is a prime example. He is driving 4 hours to toronto from Windsor to get his SMP done. Distance is a non-factor for men who require more from life than a bald head. Contact HeadPower Hair Clinic when you’re ready to come in for a free consultation and put an end to your baldness once and for all. 1-888-977-6275

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