Being Bald Sucks. Don’t Delude yourself into thinking that you’re ok with it, cause your not. Get SMP from Headpower and regain your confidence in as little as one day!

Alot of times I go up to guys who I think would benefit from SMP when i’m around Toronto, and Hamilton. Today I was at Esso station pumping liquid dough, and I noticed a man who was in severe need of scalp micropigmentation. I went up to him and handed him a card to HeadPower Hair Clinic, and he immediately got defensive. “God made me this way and i’m ok with it”… Yeah right buddy I thought, everyday you shave your head and look in the mirror at the shiny crown and frontal areas that you barely have to touch because it never grows anything. Don’t be delusional, you do care, you’ve just given up hope! “There’s always room for improvement, I said, its a simple process similar to a tattoo, look at mine, I had it done”. He seemed to agree as he put the card in his pocket. If he’s smart, he’ll give us a call ASAP to fix his balding problem.

Point is guys, don’t try and pretend to yourself that it doesn’t matter, or that your ok with it, because you are not. In as little as 2 x three hour sessions, you can gain your confidence and your hairline back. Don’t wait. Get SMP from HeadPower Hair Clinic, the leaders in scalp micro pigmentation.

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