SMP for Women with Alopecia

Alopecia is a specific type of hair loss problem that can occur both, in men and women. However, present generation women are more prone to hair loss than their previous generations. Like men, even women these days face hair loss problems due to alopecia. So, what is alopecia? This problem occurs when the immune system unknowingly attacks your hair follicles. What is the reason for the immune system to attack the hair follicles, even doctors are unaware! Alopecia is mainly seen in women who are below the age of 20.

How do you know you are a victim of alopecia areata? The symptoms are known when women find clumps of hair falling out. The scar that is created is smooth and the hair follicles are unnoticeable. For some cases, the hair generally gets thinner and there is no formation of the patch. The hair loss that occurs due to alopecia mostly come and goes. And, for women who have a patch or a scar generally have their hair grown after several months or even a year, but again it falls off.

However, alopecia can cause no damage to the physical health of women but it certainly affects the external appearance. Every woman considers their hair to be a crown to their beauty and they certainly do not like when they have hair loss or hair thinning problem. This is the reason why women who are a victim of alopecia areata are low on their self-esteem and self-confidence. It has also been noticed that women have also got into depression and required counseling.

These days there are various types of treatments that are available for hair loss problems like finasteride or propecis, ultraviolet light therapy, minoxidil or rogaine, immunotherapy. But, among all of these treatments that are available the most preferable by women is scalp micropigmentation. So, how can this treatment help women who have alopecia? The reason for preferring SMP is because it is a guaranteed permanent solution. Above all, it is also maintenance-free. All that is required to do is a bit of shaving and moisturizing.

Scalp micropigmentation is also the best alternative for corticosteroid injection which needs to be taken regularly. Apart from that, the SMP treatment is also very much cost-effective. Thus, women who have marginal budget can certainly undergo this treatment. One of the greatest benefits of taking this treatment is that it can also be applied in the frontal hairline of the patient. If alopecia returns the pigment dots are ready to cover or camouflage the scar.

Many women are scared to take up the treatment as they worry about the complications that can occur after the treatment. The problem with alopecia is that the scar can change positions. This is the reason why technicians prefer advising their patients to do full scalp micropigmentation. Apart from that, as the price is reasonable it is best to cover the entire scalp. So, it is a wise advice to all the women who are innocent victims of alopecia to take up the scalp micropigmentation treatment and fall in love with their appearance one again!

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