Reasons That Propecia and Rogaine are Bad Methods for Baldness

What do you do when you suddenly realize that you are having hair loss and there are very high chances that you will very soon have a bald patch? This sudden realization will definitely take you into a state of trance for the initial few minutes, but the very next steps that you take only shows how irresponsible you can be under pressure. The first option that you get convinced about is to use various hair growth products that are available in the market. You tend to look for the best product that you can get hold of. At this time you really don’t care about the cost, what matters to you is to re-grow your hair and get back the old appearance that you used to love and take pride in.

However, the irony is, the over-the-counter products that are available in the market generally give you empty promises that you will be able to re-grow your hair but the fact is that you will definitely lose more hair. Here are some valuable advices from doctors who strongly believe that hair growth products are the last thing you should opt for or rather you should never buy them at all if you are willing to save the last bit of hair that is left.

Here is a scientific explanation for the hair loss you are having and how market products are the main criminals for this heartrending tragedy.

The root cause for hair loss is the DHT or dihydrotestosterone hormone present in the body. This hormone is secreted from the testosterone present in the testicles of men and the ovary of women. A person who has thin hair and is facing hair loss is mainly because these DHT hormones are high in the count in their body. These DHT hormones basically flow with the blood and get accumulated and bind to the hair follicles in the scalp. After this, the follicles get sensitive to the DHT and begin to shrink. This does not happen spontaneously rather, it takes place over series of hair loss cycles. It is because of this process that the hair starts getting thinner and finally there is hair fall. The process continues till the time the follicles are not dormant.

DHT is just a minor cause for your baldness the major roles are played by calcification and fibrosis. These chemicals in the body basically block the flow of blood to the scalp which traps the dihydrotestosterone or DHT these together shrinks the follicles which result in baldness. The DHT is not the main cause for your baldness it is mainly calcification and fibrosis and hair growing products only help to stop the production of DHT which means that it is targeting the wrong thing. This is the reason why every hair growth product cannot re-grow your hair.

By blocking the production of DHT, the hair growth product is actually harming the other functions of the body. DHT plays a major role for your sexual health and by blocking it you can face various side effects sexually.

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