SMP Lotion Creme to Preserve your Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Many clients who have had SMP ask when they can go out in the sun again or take a vacation to a hot place. I tell them that its better to be on the safe side and wait 2 weeks before travelling to a hot place because you will probably be perspiring and swimming. These two things can degrade your treatment results, and also lead to shedding of top layers of the skin if sunburn occurs. If you wait 2 weeks there is enough time for the pigments to settle into the epidermal layers, and become locked in. When the SMP pigments are locked into the top layers of your skin they can then be considered permament.
Before this time, extra care should be taken to ensure that you protect your treatment results. SMP prices range from $1000 – $6000 depending on a variety of factors, and even the lower end of the spectrum is not chump change.
Wearing sunscreen will also help to protect you and your investment. HeadPower Hair Clinic carries their own line of Scalp Micropigmentation creme lotion. This lotion can be applied to your head 72 hours after your treatment to aid in the healing process. The SMP head lotion is a matte, shine free lotion that leaves no residue, and will not clog your pores, or ruin your SMP treatment. The cream also has SPF protection, to protect your head from the damaging rays of the sun, and prevent sunburn. The lotion can be purchased online or in the greater Toronto location.

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