SMP is for the Stylish and Successful Man.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a higher-end lifestyle choice for the stylish and successful man. What’s it all about? SMP is an aesthetically accurate replication of real hair. It’s done without surgery, side-effects or pills, and it is not as expensive as undergoing a hair transplant or even FUE. HeadPower Hair Clinic’s customized and personalized scalp micro-pigmentation solution involves replicating the appearance of a real hair follicle thousands of times over, making the individual appear to have a neat all-over buzz cut. Results from this non-invasive procedure are achieved using a micro-needle which is similar in size and shape to a hair follicle. This in turn allows organic, non-toxic pigmentation to be precisely embedded into the epidermal layers of the skin.

Interest in Scalp micro-pigmentation has been sky-rocketing for the past few years. Cost-effective, zero downtime, and instant results are some of the reasons men are beginning to take notice of this new and innovative procedure. Compared to other costly and invasive hair loss treatment options such as Transplants, SMP comes out on top based on affordability and lasting results. The other reason that these quote on quote solutions are not solutions is because you can always even from a distance, tell. It just doesn’t look right, or the look is the same for every patient with the only change being that of hair color. If you look at a dozen hair transplant patients post surgery it looks the same, the hairstyles are the same and they might as well be wearing wigs. Many men feel that the only options they have are to go under the knife or wear a toupee, and some have even given up hope of ever finding a solution to their problem so there’s no wonder that SMP is now a top option to consider for men and women, and anyone with permanent hair loss.

HeadPower is the premier provider of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) in Toronto, Canada. Their unique process uses specialized non-surgical equipment to reproduce the color, depth and quality of individual hair follicles.

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