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Fly-by-night SMP Operators are Talking the Talk, but Can’t Deliver.

Would you take advice on how to raise your child by someone who has no kids of their own? Better yet, would you seek relationship advice from someone who has never been in a long-term one themselves? Putting things into perspective, would you get a Hair Tattoo from a Bald guy thats too afraid to put one on his own head? No, No and definitely Not. Believe it or not, there are fly-by-night knockoff clinics operating in Toronto, Canada with little or no experience, and a lack of confidence in the procedure itself. If you’re going for a consultation to get Scalp Micro-pigmentation done, make sure the person speaking to you has had it done on themselves. If they haven’t then most likely they’re trying for a free ride on the money-train. Don’t be a victim to sub-par SMP Companies. Come to HeadPower Hair Clinic, all of our technicians are confidently sporting hair tattoos and you can see up close and examine our results for yourself. – Give us a call – 1-888-977-6275


100% Realistic Toronto Scalp Tattoo Procedure Gain Confidence in 1 Day!

At HeadPower we do Scalp Micropigmentation, Period. We’re not a laser clinic, beauty spa, or medical spa. We’re the ONLY Clinic in Toronto that deals exclusively with Scalp Micro-pigmentation. Why is this important? Well its simple. A SMP company that needs to partner with a laser clinics or medical spa to survive, does not have strength or customer base to stand on their own. This means you can almost surely guarantee sub-par results, and unanswered phone calls once you try to report a problem with your treatment. Many make-up artists specializing in permanent eyebrows and other cosmetic services, have attempted to jump on the hair tattoo bandwagon in attempts to increase their bottom line. While this is all good for their cash flow, customers are left with sub-par treatment results and in some cases blue or green heads. Don’t trust a Hair Tattoo Clinic unless they are a stand alone facility, not propped up by other businesses, or part time owner/operators. Contact the Leaders in Scalp Micro-pigmentation – 1-888-977-6275


Custom SMP Machines and Personalized Scalp Micro-pigmentation Needles – Only the Best for You

HeadPower Hair Clinic specializes in putting an end to male pattern baldness. The way we do this is with our personalized and customized approach to your scalp micro-pigmentation treatment. It’s similar to a tattoo, but uses more specialized equipment, and a more advanced process. HeadPower makes their own specialized SMP machines and needles providing the ultimate in customization. We’re able to replicate your hair follicle exactly because we don’t use out of the box solutions that other providers use. When you come to HeadPower you’re treated as an individual by the best, with up-to date equipment and highly trained technicians.


Toronto Hair Tattoo – SMP LIVE PROCEDURE – Watch This

Live Scalp micro-pigmentation @HeadPower SMP Clinic in Toronto, Canada. Personalized and Customized Solutions for Baldness and Thinning Hair. Natural Results.




The era of Hair Tattoos. A New Beginning for Bald Men.

The time is here guys. There’s Finally a viable solution, somewhat of a cure for baldness. Sounds to good to be true? Well, it’s not. Scalp micropigmentation is a more advanced method of tattooing, and the skilled technician will tattoo micro-dots on your scalp to match your hair follicle size, shape and pattern. The results will last for over 10 years, so you will have one less thing to worry about. HeadPower takes a customized and personalized approach to SMP, and will help you restore your confidence and your hairline. Call for a free consultation -1-888-977-6275


Get Back Your Confidence and Hair with SMP Hair Tattoo

In my younger days, I had long curly hair that was sort of my trademark look. My mom used to say that I looked like  the model Fabio when I had my hair tied back in a pony-tail.  Once my hair loss progressed to a noticeable stage I was forced to cut my hair lower to avoid people finding out that I was going bald. At first I could get away with just a lower cut and comb the longer hair over the balding areas, then I had to shave my head lower to avoid detection, finally it came to a point where my hair had to be pretty much bone bald for me to feel confident that people weren’t noticing my problem. After I had the scalp micropigmentation done on myself I can grow my hair longer with the SMP camouflaging the thinning areas of my scalp.  No more straight razors, and much more confidence.


Time to be Thankful for the Hair you’ve still got on the sides!

Imagine a world where male pattern baldness meant that we also lost the hair on the sides as well as the top. Just the thought of it makes me shudder.  The guys that shave their head bone bald anyways could care less, but for those of us who still like the look of a buzz cut thank goodness the hair still grows on the sides.
Male pattern baldness usually involves hair loss in the crown and frontal areas of the head, which are very easy to treat with scalp micro-pigmentation. You don’t have to straight razor your entire head anymore, and once you’ve had the pain-free treatment anyone looking at you will think that you’ve decided to go with lower style haircut.
Prices range between $2000-$5000 so its very affordable, and less than half the price of a hair transplant or FUE. Contact HeadPower Hair Clinic for a free demonstration – 1-888-977-6275