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STOP. Don’t do SMP – Unless You have Seen Their Results with your own eyes

Many times people are fooled into believing that they are dealing with a reputable clinic based on the before and after photos, as well as the sales pitch of the individual trying to sell you the treatment. Don’t fall for it. Especially if the individul performing the procedure has not had it done on themself, or they don’t have a live model to show you during your consultation for you to review and critique.  At HeadPower Hair Clinic, Toronto’s leading provider of Scalp Micropigmentation, all of our technicians are certified, and have had the procedure done on themselves. We do not hire technicians who do not believe in the service enough to do it themselves.  When you come to HeadPower for your free SMP consultation, you can be sure that the technician assisiting you will have done the procedure himself. Look closely at it, examine it, touch it, hell even smell it if your so inclined! The point is, we are more than pictures, we’re so confident about our customized and personalized Scalp micro-pigmentation service that we’ve all had it done ourselves.  Now that’s peace of mind!

Stop Walking Around Bald. Get a Hair Tattoo Now. 100% Realistic. SMP

There is no reason for you to be walking around with a bald head now that Scalp Micropigmentation is a reality.  If you live in Toronto, or the GTA its time to do something about your situation.  Hair Tattoos done by a certified professional, will mimic the appearance of hair follicles so anyone looking at you from a distance, or up close will think that you’ve just had a fresh buzz cut.  The end results are virtually undetectable to the naked eye, and someone would need the assistance of a 10x lens to spot the replicated follicles, but really, who’s walking around wearing a scope?  The time is now to do something about it, SMP prices are rising, and reputable clinics are already booking one or two month for treatments. HeadPower Hair Clinic is the longest and most reputable clinic in Toronto, and surrounding areas. Come in, and see the results first hand. All of our technicians have had the treatment themselves.

SMP Lotion Creme to Preserve your Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

Many clients who have had SMP ask when they can go out in the sun again or take a vacation to a hot place. I tell them that its better to be on the safe side and wait 2 weeks before travelling to a hot place because you will probably be perspiring and swimming. These two things can degrade your treatment results, and also lead to shedding of top layers of the skin if sunburn occurs. If you wait 2 weeks there is enough time for the pigments to settle into the epidermal layers, and become locked in. When the SMP pigments are locked into the top layers of your skin they can then be considered permament.
Before this time, extra care should be taken to ensure that you protect your treatment results. SMP prices range from $1000 – $6000 depending on a variety of factors, and even the lower end of the spectrum is not chump change.
Wearing sunscreen will also help to protect you and your investment. HeadPower Hair Clinic carries their own line of Scalp Micropigmentation creme lotion. This lotion can be applied to your head 72 hours after your treatment to aid in the healing process. The SMP head lotion is a matte, shine free lotion that leaves no residue, and will not clog your pores, or ruin your SMP treatment. The cream also has SPF protection, to protect your head from the damaging rays of the sun, and prevent sunburn. The lotion can be purchased online or in the greater Toronto location.

SMP is for the Stylish and Successful Man.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation is a higher-end lifestyle choice for the stylish and successful man. What’s it all about? SMP is an aesthetically accurate replication of real hair. It’s done without surgery, side-effects or pills, and it is not as expensive as undergoing a hair transplant or even FUE. HeadPower Hair Clinic’s customized and personalized scalp micro-pigmentation solution involves replicating the appearance of a real hair follicle thousands of times over, making the individual appear to have a neat all-over buzz cut. Results from this non-invasive procedure are achieved using a micro-needle which is similar in size and shape to a hair follicle. This in turn allows organic, non-toxic pigmentation to be precisely embedded into the epidermal layers of the skin.

Interest in Scalp micro-pigmentation has been sky-rocketing for the past few years. Cost-effective, zero downtime, and instant results are some of the reasons men are beginning to take notice of this new and innovative procedure. Compared to other costly and invasive hair loss treatment options such as Transplants, SMP comes out on top based on affordability and lasting results. The other reason that these quote on quote solutions are not solutions is because you can always even from a distance, tell. It just doesn’t look right, or the look is the same for every patient with the only change being that of hair color. If you look at a dozen hair transplant patients post surgery it looks the same, the hairstyles are the same and they might as well be wearing wigs. Many men feel that the only options they have are to go under the knife or wear a toupee, and some have even given up hope of ever finding a solution to their problem so there’s no wonder that SMP is now a top option to consider for men and women, and anyone with permanent hair loss.

HeadPower is the premier provider of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) in Toronto, Canada. Their unique process uses specialized non-surgical equipment to reproduce the color, depth and quality of individual hair follicles.

Never Let Your Girl Hold you back from Becoming a Better and More Confident You.

Everyday men come into HeadPower Hair Clinic, from all walks of life and from all over the city. We meet with them, and discuss options for their balding and thinning hair. After demonstrating to the client how his hair would look after we applied the SMP treatment, and seeing him delight in the thought of getting his hairline back, it then comes down to the wife.
“She doesn’t want me to get it”, or “She says that I look perfect without it” are all excuses made by insensitive, overly controlling women in your life who shudder at the prospect of you getting even an inkling of your confidence back.

Well fellows, don’t let her reasons be your reasons, and the reason preventing you from becoming a better and more confident man. Females never think twice about getting a boob-job, or even botox or a facelift. Not to mention the fact that they also have numerous other socially acceptable means to beautify themselves, including Wigs, makeup and extensions.

What have we got, our hats? Sorry buddy, not good enough and definately NOT FAIR. Take matters into your own hands and nut up!  Get the things you need to help you be more productive in work, and in your relationships. Once you’re bold enough to make the decison, she will respect you for it even more, and also look at you different, with that attraction that vanished away with your hair.

When you’re ready, we’re always here to help. We are the best place to come to restore your confidence, and your hairline. HeadPower Hair Clinic -1-888-977-6275

The Best SMP in Toronto – Scalp Micropigmentation by the Best in Toronto GTA

So you’ve been researching scalp micropigmentation, seen some cool before and after pictures and maybe even watched a few videos, and you’re wondering where you should get your SMP treatment from. In Toronto, there are a few providers of SMP such as HeadPower Hair Clinic, Quick Hair, Scalp aesthetica, HIS Hair. Each provides their own level of service and quality, and all have very convincing before and after pictures of satisfied clients.  HeadPower Hair Clinic stands out from the crowd because of the intense dedication, and training of their technicians and the quality of their equipment and pigments. they are Rated number 1 in Toronto. Getting SMP at HeadPower means that you’re getting top notch quality, service, and products at all times. They spare no expenses in making your visit as safe, comfortable and rewarding as possible.  They have an unmatched guarantee on their service so you can be assured you are getting the best each and every time. Even though Headpower is a little ways out of the city, its worth making the trip down if you’re serious about doing something to combat your baldness.

SMP Best Aftercare procedures to follow, post SMP Treatment.

Following your SMP treatment, you need to give your scalp time to heal or the pigment may fade or disappear from the skin.

For the first 72 hours following your treatment:

  • No high activity that will cause increased heart rate and excessive sweating such as; running, going for a workout, playing sports.
  • No water, shampoo, lotions, creams or other products should be applied to the scalp.
  • No razor blade shaving of the head. If you must shave only use an electric shaver and be gentle. If you see flaking or scabbing do not shave for another 48 hrs.

On day 4 after your treatment:

  • You can resume light activity, non-steamy showers and you may moisturize the scalp now.
  • You should begin using a daily sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. Even on cloudy days sunscreen should be applied as damaging UV rays are still present. Sun is cryptonite to your SMP. Unprotected sun exposure or burning the skin may fade the pigment in an undesirable way, and sunburning may occur which will cause peeling, and  a loss of some pigmentation

Two weeks after your treatment, be cautious about:

  • Spray tan or use self tan lotion
  • Swimming in a pool
  •  sauna or steam room
  • Use of any hair color or dyes

You may start using a scalp moisturizer after 12 days. We provide a special lotion for our clients with a matte finish to reduce or eliminate any shine.  Contact HeadPower in Toronto for SMP today.

It’s time to get SMP Already. You can’t hide behind your hat forever!

You can’t hide your problem forever. Church, School, Work, and formal occasions all require suitable attire which more than likely will not include a hat. Get SMP and we will fix your problem for good.  You will no longer have to live in fear of being bald shamed everytime you go out without a hat. The time is now guys.  HeadPower Hair Clinic helps men from all around Toronto, Mississauga, and the GTA.  Get your hairline and your confidence back in as little as one session.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation, Where can you get it done, and learn more about it here

Scalp Micropigmentation is also known as a Scalp Tattoo, Medical Hairline Tattoo, Medical Hairline Restoration, and Hair pigmentation Treatment.  Our unique Scalp Micropigmentation process consists of using a micro needle that is the same shape and size as a hair follicle to embed matching pigment into the scalp. The scalp contains approximately 2500 hair follicles per square inch, and so our skilled technicians will add thousands of microdots into the scalp, which gives the look of recently having a buzz cut. The results are very natural, and it’s a more affordable and safe choice over invasive methods such as hair transplantation, hair plugs, toupee or wigs. There is no scarring, and limited downtime. Results are guaranteed for 5 years. Get SMP in Toronto from HeadPower Hair Clinic, the best in the business.

Being Bald Sucks. Don’t Delude yourself into thinking that you’re ok with it, cause your not. Get SMP from Headpower and regain your confidence in as little as one day!

Alot of times I go up to guys who I think would benefit from SMP when i’m around Toronto, and Hamilton. Today I was at Esso station pumping liquid dough, and I noticed a man who was in severe need of scalp micropigmentation. I went up to him and handed him a card to HeadPower Hair Clinic, and he immediately got defensive. “God made me this way and i’m ok with it”… Yeah right buddy I thought, everyday you shave your head and look in the mirror at the shiny crown and frontal areas that you barely have to touch because it never grows anything. Don’t be delusional, you do care, you’ve just given up hope! “There’s always room for improvement, I said, its a simple process similar to a tattoo, look at mine, I had it done”. He seemed to agree as he put the card in his pocket. If he’s smart, he’ll give us a call ASAP to fix his balding problem.

Point is guys, don’t try and pretend to yourself that it doesn’t matter, or that your ok with it, because you are not. In as little as 2 x three hour sessions, you can gain your confidence and your hairline back. Don’t wait. Get SMP from HeadPower Hair Clinic, the leaders in scalp micro pigmentation.